Bush Craft Party

Bush Craft Party

I can offer a variety of activities including:
  • Games
  • Bug hunting
  • Den building with tarpaulins, ropes and natural materials
  • Using cutting tools such as saws and knives to make things including decorative work, spears or marsh mallow toasting sticks
  • Necklaces and bracelets from wood
  • Fire lighting with only a spark and natural materials
  • Building a cooking fire and cooking a meal
  • Putting up a rope swing
  • Rope bridges
  • Climbing trees. (Using ropes and harnesses for the really big trees)
In a typical 3 hour session the children would work in teams to build shelters, learn fire lighting and build their own fire, cook a meal on a central fire, toast marsh mallows and have a short game. However, you and the children would be able to choose from any of the above and would need to be agreed in advance.

Times and Duration
A normal session is 3 hours. This can be after school say from 6pm to 9pm or at weekends. However weekends are very popular. In the summer months this can all be done in daylight but in the shorter evenings we would finish in the dark which can be quite good fun. Longer sessions are possible by arrangement.

You can supply the food that we can cook on the fire or I can do it at extra cost. If you can feed me as well that would be great. Basically, anything that can be fried, boiled or grilled would be suitable and don’t forget the birthday cake!

Any questions or suggestions? Please contact me by phone or email.

Who it's for

These are suitable for any age but are understandably popular among children.


For 3 hours I charge £250 for up to 10 children. For each extra child the cost is £15.

I can do longer sessions and an overnight sleep-over in the woods. Please ask if you want a price


Private woodland near Colchester

There are no scheduled bush craft party events. Get in touch if you're interested.
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