The Essex Forest Education Initiative (FEI) is a regional cluster group supporting the educational objectives of the Forest Education Initiative. The primary aim of the group is to co-ordinate, develop and promote Forest Schools across Essex. -

'A Marvellous Opportunity to Learn.' - A participatory evaluation of Forest School in England and Wales ...Read more

Out There. An outdoor pursuits club for young people meeting regularly at the University of Essex Climbing Wall.

50 things to do before you are 11¾ - The National Trust has just launched this new campaign to encourage sofa-bound children to take to the outdoors and enjoy classic adventures from skimming stones to building dens ...Read more

Natural Childhood by Stephen Moss This report presents compelling evidence that we as a nation, & especially our children, are exhibiting the symptoms of a modern phenomenon known as ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. We look at what this disorder is costing us, why it’s proving so difficult to reverse, and gather current thinking on what we must do to eliminate it, before opening up the question to the nation for consideration. ...Read more

Developing confidence and risk judgement among young people is crucial... Developing confidence and risk judgement among young people is crucial if we are to structure a society that is not risk averse. We need to accept that uncertainty is inherent in adventure, and this contains the possibility of adverse outcomes. A young person’s development should not be unduly stifled by the proper need to consider the worst consequences of risk but must be balanced by it’s likelihood and indeed it’s benefits. Tom Mullarky OBE, Chief Executive, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Adventurous Activities for Schools and Colleges Injuries from leisure activities show that children are far more likely to get hurt playing football or rugby at school than going on a school hiking trip, for instance. The findings are revealed in a new RoSPA guide: Planning and Leading Visits and Adventurous Activities – Guidance for Schools and Colleges.

Academic Papers

Nature, Childhood, Health and Life Pathways...

What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health? A Multi-Study Analysis

Whole brain learning or rolling down the hill with Frank

I climbed right up to here’ or Risk and Challenge in a Forest School

"Forest School and the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto"
What makes it different from all the other outside the classroom education approaches